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Hi! I am a film portrait photographer & I focus on honest, candid images. In my personal life I am a puppy mom to some of the cutest shelter dogs around named Jasper (#Jaspersgrams) & Navy! (#navygrams), I workout, I am a Police Dispatcher & I go through life with my talented photographer dude - you can definitely catch us strolling around the city with our little boos on any given night. We reside in downtown Salt Lake City 

My style is very natural, real, fun, raw & unique. I like to keep things casual... Life is chaotic & I love to embrace that. I'm loud, bubbly, kind of creepy and definitely a wild-card. Let's go out for a glass of wine or coffee + crepes, or even a long drive & I want to know all the happy, sad, dorky & imperfect parts of you!

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